Ryan Jacobs


Hi there. My name is Ryan Jacobs and I make stuff.

I love computer programming, whether it's working with low-level embedded electronics or high-level software development. When I'm not programming, I'm often tinkering with the latest and greatest graphic design tools, trying to create something worthwhile.

I am a strong advocate for open source and am an active participant in its development too. I despise developing on Windows; Linux is the only way to go in my book. I'm also quite adamant on my stance in the editor war: Vim + 4-space indentation. My dotfiles can sometimes be the bane of my productivity; I'm always adjusting them for the perfect setup.

I love design, especially web-related. Time and time again, I find myself browsing the source of an interesting website to glean on its inner workings. I'm also a fan of minimal, clean design and am fascinated with typography. I pine for a clean, responsive, and interactive web and enjoy learning how to do it myself.

Another passion of mine is film and Visual Effects. I'm not the best at it so it's just a hobby for now. But every now and then, I enjoy producing a small sketch or idea just for kicks.